Year 6 - Little Canada

Little Canada - Day 1


The children had a great journey.  Playing games, singing songs, and eating lots of sweets!

Soon they were on the ferry having an exciting time.  Many of the pupils decided to practise their rendition of Sailing whilst taking in the spectacular views.

The evening activity was 'Ambush' which was a bit like hide and seek but with mud (girls beat the boys!)

All the children are now fast asleep after a tiring day, saving their energy for the excitement of tomorrow.

Little Canada - Day 2

Climbing new heights, shooting arrows, racing dragon boats and dodging laser beams were just some of the highlights on day 2.


(Sorry this is only on today, we thought it was on last night but the internet is not our friend-hope you had a great day!)

Little Canada - Day 3

Another action packed day saw the children fencing, learning survival skills, and kayaking in the sea.  

Little Canada - Day 4

Mud, mud, glorious mud.