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Expansion & Extension

Aerial View


Due to larger numbers of students requiring education, a proposal was put to our Head Teacher & Governors and was accepted.

The proposal was then submitted to Beardwell to produce site & building plans for consideration, including a concept study.

 The proposal was also communicated to local residents and parents, with more detail to be provided later at an Exhibition. 

Public Exhibition Boards

A public exhibition was held at Hogarth Primary earlier in the year, to allow Parents, Staff and members of the public to view and ask questions about the proposal. The next stage was to seek planning permission for a building to house Years 4-6.  Reception to Year 3 to occupy the existing building. The new building will contain:-

6 classrooms with adjacent stores & cloakroom areas

1 'studio' multi-activity hall

2 small group teaching rooms

1 staff work room

1 standard and 1 Accessible WC

Other improvements include, extended tarmac playground area and car parking. Additional bicycle and scooter parking, with tree planting to replace any trees taken away for the extension.


Planned ExpansionConcept StudiesFloor PlanSite ArrangementElevations 1Elevation 2

Next Steps

Planning permission has now been accepted and work commenced on 22nd December 2016.

Temporary offices were erected in the car park for the builders and fences put in place for health & safety reasons to protect everyone. Before the new building can be built an out building has to be demolished.

Our Stars of the Week will get the opportunity to meet the builders and ask questions about the expansion.

Further updates on progress will be given as the project unfolds.

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