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School Council

Our school council empowers pupils to make decisions about their school.

Class council representatives (one girl and one boy from each year) are democratically elected half termly through a secret class ballot, following class discussions about what qualities make a good council member.

During class SMSC sessions the council representatives make note of any issues / concerns / ideas to discuss at their meetings. The council meetings are held weekly with the school council link tutor. The minutes of the meeting are given to the class to share, and any relevant staff, to take further action where appropriate.

So far the council have:

  • chosen the new school menu
  • designed a reward system
  • supported and discussed on-going school topics
  • agreed sanctions for inappropriate behaviour & non completion of homework

Our School Council keep things fair!

Year 6 Leavers 2015 Comments

'This year has been absolutely amazing. I have had so much fun, learnt loads of new things and have had so much support' Megan Deyes

'I will miss all the teachers at Hogarth' Hollie Geggus

'This year has been the best year ever' James

'I will miss all the friendly teachers and happy joyful cooks' Aaron Jones

'The trips we have had in year 6 have been superb' Kasey Lane

'This year I have improved so much. I've been smiling and laughing more and friendships have grown stronger' Mia Lindwood

'I have enjoyed all the lessons and I have loved filling up my topic book with work I am proud of' Megan Muir

'Year 6 has been very fun and I am going to be sad to leave' Kira Murray

'Mr Clarke gave me a ton of support and I can't thank him enough for the amount of work he's not just done for me but for every individual in the class' Max Steer

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